Like many things in life, the decision to purchase insurance or not is based on a system of risk/reward. Unfortunately, consumers often look at the reward and ignore the risk altogether. It is important to understand the consequences and to be prepared for the worst. Some people tend to think of insurance as a luxury, but this is not true at all. Insurance is simply a way to avoid an impoverished state.

When you have spent a lifetime building wealth and providing for your loved ones, it is natural to want to continue to do that after you are gone. Our unique life insurance process allows us to design, implement and service your life insurance portfolio to ensure you have quality and sufficient protection at every stage of life. Our relationships with experienced, trusted, financially sound life insurance companies allow us to customize programs to meet your unique needs, provide outstanding underwriting advocacy and deliver exceptional service that leaves you with a valuable benefit: peace of mind.

Common Mistakes:

  • Mixing insurance and investment: Mixing life insurance and investment is not a smart way to manage risk and money.
  • Being underinsured: Plenty of life insurance policies in portfolios but very little cover.
  • No Medical Coverage: With change in lifestyle and increasing cost of medical expenses, lack of medical coverage is huge risk.

At Crescent we provide right selection of Insurance which will provide below key Features

Cost effective comprehensive online protection plan

  • Option of life coverage till the age of 80 years
  • Option to increase your life coverage as per your increasing life stage requirements
  • Inbuilt Terminal Illness benefit


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